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March 20, 2011 Communities and Cultures Travel & Living Abroad Travel Advice 0

Many Indonesians and foreigners note that Indonesia has two seasons – “wet” and “dry” – but there is variety on a day-to-day basis.  Rain, for instance, can range from light drizzles to huge storms; the sun can be hot one day, hotter the next, and hottest on the third day.  Be prepared when possible.


— It is useful to keep an umbrella and/or poncho in your bag since rain can be unpredictable during the rainy season.  Don’t be shy about using an umbrella on a particularly hot sunny day, too.  The umbrella shade will probably save you from being over exposed.

— Some rain showers can last for hours, so plan ahead if you are traveling or have appointments.

— Be careful when riding a motorbike (or even car!) in the rain as the engine can flood easily.

— Visibility can be quite low during heavy rains, so it may be safer to wait for the rain to stop before driving or riding in a vehicle.

— Watch where you step if you are walking through flooded areas.

— Beware of waterborne illnesses during heavy floods.

— Place electronics, especially computers, in safe, dry places during the rainy season just in case there are floods, ceiling leaks,  power outages, etc.

— Wear sunblock when outside in the bright sun.

— Keep well hydrated, especially if outdoors in the sun a lot.



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