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Volunteering Abroad in Indonesia

June 7, 2011 Communities and Cultures Travel & Living Abroad Travel Advice 0


There is a wide variety of volunteer opportunities in Indonesia.  Whatever your interested cause (be it the environment, children, economic development, education, women’s issues, etc.), there’s a good chance of locating a matching group to support in the country. 

Interested individuals can formally volunteer via domestic and international non-profit organizations, religious institutions, educational entities, and private groups. 

Visas or special permissions are required depending on the length of stay, type of project, and persons involved. 

Organizations might have a religious affiliation (directly or indirectly), which can have its pros and cons depending on government approval, community diversity, and individual preferences. 

Volunteers may be expected to pay for their own travel and living expenses, or they may volunteer and receive certain assistance in return (e.g., housing, food, and transportation stipends). 

The following groups are a small sampling of volunteer opportunities abroad.


i-to-i International Projects: This group provides a variety of volunteer vacations and work experiences including teaching English as a foreign language, community development, conservation, construction, and skills development.


Peace Corps: The Peace Corps offers an assortment of volunteering abroad opportunities including projects in Indonesia since 2010.


Various Listings of Volunteer Opportunities in Indonesia: or


Volunteers in Asia (VIA): or Volunteers in Asia is an independent and entrepreneurial non-profit organization founded at Stanford University in 1963. VIA is dedicated to increasing understanding between the United States and Asia through public service and programs promoting cross-cultural education.


Volunteers for Peace: International voluntary service since 1982… This organization offers affordable short-term volunteer opportunities abroad in 90+ countries including Indonesia.


VSO International: Their work in Indonesia focuses on South Sulawesi and NTT.  For more specific in-country information, see .