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Useful Travel Websites & Books

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Research and planning can provide travelers with a lot of advantages. The following list of travel websites and books may be useful to you for future journeys to and within Indonesia. 

== General Information ==

* (Note: Try the “Southeast Asia Travel” channel/section or type “Indonesia” into the search engine.)

* ASEAN Tourism Association (ASEANTA):

* Asia Trotter:

* Cosmotourist:

* Indonesia Tourism:

* Indopubs: (Note: Scroll down to “Moving Around” section.)

* Lonely Planet:

* Rough Guides:

* TripAdvisor:

* Wikitravel Entry:

* World Travel Guide:

== Maps & Guidebooks ==

* See Indonesia Travel Atlas (Periplus Travel Atlas Series) by Periplus Editions

* Indonesia Maps: (Note: Scroll down to “Maps” section.)

* Popular Guidebooks: See

— Birding Indonesia (Periplus Action Guides) by Paul Jepson (not just birders, but also great for ecotourists)

— Borneo: Journey into the Tropical Rainforest (Passport’s Regional Guides of Indonesia) by Kal Muller

— Diving Indonesia: A Guide to the World’s Greatest Diving (Periplus Action Guides) by Kal Muller

— Footprint Indonesia Handbook, 3rd Edition by Joshua Eliot

— Footprint Sumatra Handbook, 1st Edition by Joshua Eliot

— Java (Lonely Planet, 2nd edition) by Peter Turner

— Java (Periplus Adventure Guides) by Eric Oey

— Lonely Planet Bali & Lombok by Ryan Ver Berkmoes

— Lonely Planet Indonesia’s Eastern Islands by Peter Turner

— Lonely Planet Indonesia, 7th Edition by Patrick Witton

— Lonely Planet Jakarta, 1st Edition by Peter Turner

— Moon Handbooks: Indonesia, 6th Edition by Bill Dalton

— Periplus Guide To Bali: The Island Of The Gods (Periplus Guides) by Eric Oey

— Sulawesi (Periplus Adventure Guides) by Toby Alice Volkman

— Sumatra (Periplus Adventure Guides) by Periplus Adventure Guides

— The Rough Guide to Bali and Lombok, 4th Edition by Lesley Reader

— The Rough Guide to Indonesia, 1st or 2nd Edition by Rough Guides

== Travel Tips ==

* Saving Money: Ask travel agencies, airlines, hotels, etc. for discounts if you are a KITAS-holder and/or student.

* Your 5-minute Guide to Travel Deals:

* 10 Things Every Traveler Should Do:

* Before You Go:

* Indo Trip:

* Quarantine Information from the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service:

* Recommended Must-Sees: Bali in general, Borobodur Temple (near Yogyakarta, Java), Danau Toba (Sumatra), Pasola competitions (Sumba), and Tanah Toraja (Sulawesi).

* Surfing in Indonesia:

* Things to Bring When Travelling:

* What to Pack: