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Transportation Tips

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Hopefully the following transportation tips will be helpful to those who are traveling to and within Indonesia. 

== Transportation in Indonesia ==

* City bus: Beware of pickpockets.  For women, be careful of male comments or touching.  In Jakarta, the Busway is highly recommended.

* Becak (three-wheeled bicycle or motorized bike with passenger seating in front): Bargain and set the price in advance.  When the pollution is bad, use a handkerchief over your nose and mouth.

* Bajaj (covered three-wheeled motorbuggy): Negotiate and set the price in advance.  Beware that bajajs can swerve or tip more easily if there is a pothole, rock, road debris, etc.  Do not expect to see seat belts.

* Mini-bus: Beware of pickpockets and teams of preman/gangsters (e.g., one guy will try to distract you while one or two others will get your belongings).

* Motorcycle (motorbike for rent): Negotiate and set the price in advance, preferably in writing.  If possible, take date/time-stamped photos of the bike before using it in case there is an insurance claim, complaint, accident, etc.  Wear a helmet.  Know that not all insurance companies will protect clients overseas; check with your own company beforehand.  Be careful about potential theft and accidents.  In cases of non-serious accidents, do not be surprised if you are asked/expected to pay cash for damage whether or not you are originally responsible for the accident.  Be very careful if large groups of unknown people, including police, become involved in the “debate.”

* Ojek (motorcycles with drivers for hire): Bargain and set the price before you get on the motorbike.  Beware that ojek may not have formal licenses or insurance.  You may or may not be provided a helmet.

* Train: Business and Executive classes are recommended.  Know that trains can experience delays of hours.

* Taxi: Go with the Blue Birds brand if in Jakarta.  Make sure the taxi driver uses the meter (called “argo”).  In some cities (e.g., Medan), though, it may be cheaper to bargain in advance and set the price (i.e., not use the meter).  This is usually for people who are familiar with distances and rates, however.


== Travel Websites Based in Australia ==

* Flight Centre:

* Jetstar:

* Student Flights:


* Qantas:

* Zuji:


== Travel Websites Based in the United States ==

* American Express:

* Cheap Tickets:

* Farecast:

* Hotwire:


* Orbitz:

* Priceline:

* Travelocity:

* Webflyer:

* Yahoo:


== Travel Websites from Singapore ==

* Misa Travel:


== Travel Agents ==

* D.K Travel: Talk to Bea at (940) 321-5438, Fax (940) 497-2603, 1-800-538-7827, or, 3213 Brampton Dr., Corinth, Texas 76210

* GT Travel: (248) 626-8881, U.S.-based

* Regency Travel: Nancy Wistert, (734) 665-6122 or, Ann Arbor, Michigan-based

* Tedjo Express: John and Min are available at 1-800-248-9009 or, Los Angeles, California-based


== Flight Tips ==

* For Americans: You can save a lot of money by booking a ticket from Los Angeles, San Francisco, or Seattle to a destination in Asia, and then book a separate ticket from your U.S. city to the west coast.  Just be careful about layovers, potential delays, and baggage transfers.