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The Flutist

September 10, 2011 Travel & Living Abroad YouTube Videos 0

The Flutist is a short documentary about a traditional busker (street performer) in Bandung, Indonesia.

The YouTube description states:

“Anwar Sirema a.k.a Anwar Goler (36) was an art performer who had been fighting for his life in musical idealism for a long time. The last ten years he had played the Sundanese traditional flute at a junction on Pasirkaliki street. It was remarkable that Anwar had been frequently invited to play in major events, but he remained eager to sit at the intersection and entertain the street audience.”

2 a.m. Pictures produced the documentary.

The video below is in Bahasa Indonesia.  If you want to watch the video with English or Indonesian subtitles, click the play button and then quickly click on the “YouTube” icon in the video screen, which will open up the video in a different window.  Then point your mouse over the “CC” button in the lower right area of the screen and make a language selection.