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Should I visit a zoo in Indonesia?

March 13, 2012 Travel & Living Abroad Travel Advice 0


It is not surprising to run into a debate about the pros and cons of visiting a zoo in general, let alone in Indonesia. 

The following is a list of resources to help people determine for themselves whether or not a zoo visit is in their future:


List of Popular Zoos in Indonesia (blue indicates a website link):


For the latest information about recent individual visits to the aforementioned zoos, check out various review sites* such as:

* Use keywords and phrases such as “Indonesia zoo,” “Ragunan Zoo,” “Taman Safari,” etc. in the search engines to see specific comments, images, or videos on these sites.  If you find the general keywords or phrases not generating results, then first search for the webpages about Indonesia in general and then follow the relevant travel/tourism links from there.


Examples of Contemporary Controversies:

2012: Indonesia’s ‘nightmare’ zoo in The Telegraph

2011: Orangutans Mistreated by Indonesia Zoos: Activists in The Jakarta Globe

2010: Tiger mauls child at East Java zoo, Eight animals under intensive care at Surabaya Zoo, Ragunan zoo: Not so rosy in The Jakarta Post