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Safety & Security While Traveling

August 23, 2011 Travel & Living Abroad Travel Advice 0

General advice about safety and security while traveling is listed below:

  • Check local, regional/state, national, and other country travel warnings on different government websites.
  • If you are a foreigner, have a safety plan (e.g., escape or evacuation) and make sure others know your whereabouts. You can often register your travel plans in advance with your embassy or consulate.
  • Keep extra copies of important documents locked in your room/apartment/house.
  • Lock your computer/laptop and other tech gadgets in a secure cabinet, desk, suitcase, etc. in your room/apartment/house.
  • Beware of passing motorbikes or passing individuals who will try to snatch your bag, purse, laptop bag, etc. while you are walking or waiting by the side of the street. If you carry your bag across your shoulder, have it hang on the opposite side of traffic.
  • Hold your bag, purse, wallet, backpack, etc. on your lap or in front of you if you are sitting or standing in a mini-bus, public bus, train, and other transportation where there are other passengers sitting or standing near you.
  • Avoid putting wallets or handphones in your back pocket.
  • Use small locks on your backpack to avoid pickpockets having quick, easy access.
  • Travel with a friend or family member if possible, especially if you are a woman.
  • Avoid walking (alone) late at night, especially on dark or dimly-lit streets.
  • Beware of a scam where one of the tires (usually the back left tire) of a car gets a flat (e.g., nail in the street), and while you and/or others are on the sidewalk/street fixing the tire, thieves on a motorbike on the other side open the door, grab any valuable items inside, and take off.
  • Avoid wearing flashy or very expensive accessories like pricey jewelry or watches.
  • Do not eat or drink anything that didn’t come in its original seal (e.g., possible spiked water bottles on public transportation like the train) unless you know for sure it is safe (e.g., restaurant, friend’s house, office gathering, etc.).