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Roti Bakar

September 18, 2011 Cooking and Food Travel & Living Abroad YouTube Videos 0

What do you get when you combine buttered bread slices, cheese, bananas, and sprinkles?  How about buttered bread slices, chocolate sprinkles, and cheese?  Or buttered bread slices, strawberry jam, and cheese?  There’s also a combination of peanuts and chocolate?  Oooh, ooh, you can also have sweetened condensed milk added to your selection.  Well, in any of these forms, you have got yourself an awesome snack/dessert called “roti bakar” (grilled bread).  Roti bakar is a popular street food in Indonesia, especially in the evenings and with one or more friends.  Healthy? No. Tasty?  Yes, in an unbelievable kind of way.  Don’t knock the cheese ingredient until you try it. 🙂