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Pronunciation Tips: Vowels

March 6, 2012 Language Learning Travel & Living Abroad 0

Bahasa Indonesia is mainly a phonetic language, which is great for new learners because pronunciation typically corresponds with how the words are spelled.

Here are some pronunciation tips regarding vowels in particular:

  • a: pronounced as “ah” like in the word “father”

  • aa: pronounced like a double “ah” (i.e., there is a quick glottal stop between the a’s)

  • ai: pronounced as a long “i” like the word “eye”

  • au: pronounced as “ow” as in the word “cow”

  • e: pronounced as a very short sounding “e” like the “e” in “cafe latte” (think of French or Italian sound)

  • i: pronounced as “ee” as in “see” or “pizza”

  • o: pronounced as long “o” like in the words “no,” “told,” and “hold”

  • u: pronounced as “oo” as “loot” or “soon”