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Poem – “World Which is Lack of Love”

March 6, 2012 Poetry Travel & Living Abroad 0


by Yuliana Fransiska, Indonesia

Have you ever sit alone in a quiet place
Think calmly about the world around you
How it moves, how it works, how it spins
You’ll find there are a lot of activities
A lot of works, a lot of responsibilities
A lot of individualism

You’ll wonder that there’s something’s missing
Something gentle, something pure
Not selfish, not evil
Something helpful, something warm
It’s love … that you miss of …

Realizing it, have you go out and give some love
Or just go on with whatever your work is

World now is craving for love and compassion
You can be the one who start share love
It’s not that hard…
Just begin with a smile for your family
Then to others…