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Poem – “Past & Future”

November 3, 2012 Poetry Travel & Living Abroad 0


By Dirk Rukka Sandarupa, Indonesia

The past has touch my life
The past has showed me many things
The past has taught and made me better
The past has open my eyes
I never regreted for the past
Cause it made me more mature
From the past i could feel the world
My past never hold me back
But taught me to move forward
Things will never get back
Theres no turning back
I felt blesssed with the past
I have leave my print of life

The future will bring me to a new life
The future will come
The future is my best day
The future will change my world
But i’m scared to move ahead sometimes
I dont want to lose the love ones
I scared of getting old
I’m scared of being failure

Why oh why
Past and future should exist in this world
The earth keep spinning
From morning to night
Why oh why
I cant believe how past and future has change me