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Mail and shipping is one of those topics that might seem mundane to many people, but knowing about the process can be quite beneficial in terms of saving time and money or at least avoiding too much irritation.  Notes about different options are listed below.  For international shipping and especially moving, please consult with colleagues and friends in both your home country and Indonesia for up-to-date, accurate, and complete information.


Overview of Mail Service in Indonesia:

— This site provides lots of useful information about different aspects of mail service such as sending letters and packages, post offices, express mail, cultural norms, and courier services.


DHL Indonesia:

— Expensive to very expensive rates, but generally good, speedy, and reliable service.

— Those mailing items to Indonesia via DHL will use the DHL in their home country ( and they may have to pay special taxes and other fees (e.g., customs and insurance).


Pos Indonesia: or

— Sending letters and packages through the Indonesian post office can go quite well, even if it is slow. Beware, however, that your packages may be opened and some items may be missing.

— You may also have to pay special taxes, service charges, or a small fee because the office held your package for you until you picked it up.

— Packing materials and assistance are available at the post office for various fees.


FedEx International Mail Service:

— Popular and reliable business for international mail.


International Mail Service:

— If you need to send a large shipment from the United States to Indonesia, you can get information and quotes from this company.


UPS International Shipping Services:

— Another option for sending items from the United States to Indonesia.


Shipping International:

— List of international shipping and moving companies.