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August 17, 2011 Communities and Cultures Travel & Living Abroad 0

One of the editors of LatitudesEmma Kwee – provided the following background information about the online magazine (08/17/2011):

Latitudes Online is a concept inspired by the renowned bi-monthly magazine focusing on Indonesian culture. The magazine hailing from the island of Bali previously existed in paper form and was especially known for its in-depth critical articles and the beautiful photography. As times have changed and the digitalization has revolutionized the world of printed media, Latitudes has decided to join the digital information waves. will be an online platform for Indonesia lovers and critics, insiders and outsiders. The aspects that made Latitudes one of the most highly regarded magazines in Indonesia, will still stay on the forefront, i.e:

  • Investigative and critical journalism that reflects multiple perspectives
  • High standard images and photography by acclaimed artists and photographers
  • A wide range of topics and discussions from the unknown to the unexplained and from insider tips to thought provoking discussions

Latitudes is going to be a rich and ever expanding online source of information. This offers the people behind the scenes and the people behind the screens several opportunities not to be missed. Therefore Latitudes is going to be more than just a website:

  • An online community will facilitate easy information sharing, connecting to people in your neighborhood and asking advice from the experts. Visitors can easily make a profile and join the community, upload articles, reviews and photos
  • An auction application allows users to buy and sell objects and services. Besides this online market, it also functions as a gateway to housing, holidays and job offers
  • The fully searchable online database will contain a multitude of articles and images to instantly offer visitors the information they need
  • The content of the website will in large part be generated by the users themselves. This user generated content will stimulate the amount of up to date and relevant information and also forge a bond between Latitudes and the Internet community
  • The travel section offers valuable information about the cultures and peoples of Indonesia, from restaurant and hotel reviews to cultural and historical background information. Latitudes maintains its dialogical approach and offers a platform to locals and expats alike

In conclusion it can be said that Latitudes offers a unique and interactive online experience, where the users have a great say in the content. The mix between high standard journalistic articles and the involvement of Internet users all over the world enforces the cultural exchange of information in an ever growing network.

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