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Language Learning Outside of Formal Classes

March 20, 2011 Language Learning Travel & Living Abroad 0

Formal language classes are very useful, but sometimes students don’t have access to such settings.  Students therefore have to use other methods to get language practice.  For those who have taken formal classes and need to supplement their learning or for those who would like to refresh their skills, the following resources might be helpful:



Online Resources:

— Advice for Learning Words from Flashcards:

— Beginning Indonesian: The University of Victoria has a site with lots of interactive language units at

— Go Indonesia: This is a n interactive site and focuses on the five major islands in Indonesia. Each section is based on an island and contains four areas covering the arts, English, society, and the environment. Visit the site at

— Indonesian in 7 Days:

— Indonesian Slang:

— The SEA Site Indonesia: Northern Illinois University sponsors this site.  It provides excellent language resources. See the sections “Reading and Conversation” and “Grammar” in particular.  The site is located at and see in particular.

— Warung_Kopi: You can practice Indonesian by subscribing to Warung Kopi, which is an online conversation group for English speakers learning Indonesian and for Indonesian speakers learning English.  Go to


Learning from Those Around You:

— Practice your language skills with taxi drivers, store owners or workers, and people at local food stalls (warung).

— Live with an Indonesian family for a few months or longer.

— Offer to trade English lessons for Indonesian lessons with a university student.

— Watch Indonesian television programs.

— Watch English television programs or movies that have Indonesian subtitles.

— Try reading an Indonesian newspaper (print or online) regularly.

— Various Useful Links: (scroll down to “Acquiring Language Skills” section)