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For the Foodies Out There

June 22, 2011 Cooking and Food Travel & Living Abroad 0

When it comes to food, Indonesians typically love to eat and cook and talk about food and host and share and teach and learn.  Indonesia is a lovely place for foodies.  Please find below food-related resources and information of potential interest.


* The Jakarta Good Food Guide by Laksmi Pamuntjak is really useful for finding different kinds of food, ambiance, and price ranges.


* Durian and Mangosteens (types of fruit):


* Check local upscale hotels in your area if  living in Jakarta for evening discounts at their bakeries.  For example, in years past the pastries and breads are 50% off after 7pm at Hotel Nikko in Jakarta (except on Sundays).


* Indonesians usually eat with a spoon in the right hand and a fork in the left hand OR without utensils and instead use their right hand to ball up food and push the food slightly with their thumb into their mouths.

* Avoid picking up or serving food and drinks with the left hand.

* If you are a guest, wait until the host gives an indication to begin eating.  If you are a host, inform the guests it is okay to start eating by saying “Selamat makan!”

* It is acceptable to bring a host a small gift such as sweets or fruit.  Avoid bringing alcohol such as wine or beer unless you know the host well and that he/she drinks alcohol.


* Drink plenty of water and/or es kelapa muda (fresh young coconut juice) to ease sickness symptoms and keep your body hydrated.

* Avoid foods, especially meats (e.g., from lunch or snack boxes), that have been sitting out in the hot sun for many hours.

* Try to avoid dishes that have mayonnaise as an ingredient.






* Portal of many recipe links: (click on the Indonesia country link)


* One Perspective of What Indonesians Eat:

* Javanese Slametan: The Javanese often hold slametan (ceremonies) for special occasions such as anniversaries of deceased family members, going-away parties, and opening ceremonies for business or performances.  Nasi kuning (yellow rice) with accompanying meats and veggies are a highlight of slametan.