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Everyday Phrases in Bahasa Indonesia

November 18, 2011 Language Learning Travel & Living Abroad 0


Here are some basic everyday phrases in English and Bahasa Indonesia. 

Hello! –> Halo!

Good morning! –> Selamat pagi!

Good (early) afternoon! –> Selamat siang!

Good (late) afternoon! –> Selamat sore!

Good evening! –> Selamat malam!

Good night / Sleep well! –> Selamat tidur!

Welcome! –> Selamat datang!

See you later! –> Sampai nanti!

Goodbye! (if you are the person leaving) –> Selamat tinggal!

Goodbye! (if you are the person staying) –> Selamat jalan!

Thank you! –> Terima kasih!

Thank you very much! –> Terima kasih banyak!

You are welcome! (or Don’t mention it!) –> Kembali! (or Sama-sama!)

Please… (asking in the form of a favor) –> Tolong…

Excuse me… –> Permisi…

Pardon me or I’m sorry –> Ma’af

Yes –> Ya

No –> Tidak

Good –> Baik

Not good / bad –> Kurang baik. (or Tidak baik.)

No problem / It doesn’t matter. –> Tidak apa-apa.