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March 20, 2011 Language Learning Travel & Living Abroad 0

Language is a fundamental part of any culture.  Here are some resources to facilitate individual learning, translations, and cross-cultural exchanges:


* Indonesian Acronyms:

* Indonesian Slang:

* Interactive Dictionary: This dictionary is from Indonesian to English.  The site can be found at (Note: You may need to download the plugin.)

* The Jakarta Post Acronyms List: (Note: Use the search engine to locate the list.)

* Kamus Besar: The SEA Site allows you to download a dictionary for your personal computer from their site at

* has more than 135,000 entries.  This online dictionary provides English to Indonesian and Indonesian to English translations.  It is available at

* Kamus Online:

– Over 110,100 phrases English to Indonesian / Indonesian to English (74.9% free for all visitors)
– Over 32,000 alternative phrases for English phrases (Paid version only)
– Over 1,500 phrases English to Javanese / Javanese to English (Paid version only)
– Over 700 example sentences (Paid version only)

* Kamus.Web.Id: This site is mainly for Indonesian speakers who are learning English, but the site contains both English-Indonesian and Indonesian-English dictionaries.  You can find the site at

* KEBI: “KEBI” stands for Kamus Elektronik Bahasa Indonesia which means the “Indonesian Electronic Dictionary.”  It translates from Indonesian to English.  The dictionary is sometimes not available for technical reasons, but it is quite useful when you can access it.  The dictionary can be found at



* Echols, John M., Hassan Shadily, John U. Wolff, and James T. Collins. An Indonesian-English Dictionary. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1989.