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Bahasa Indonesia in Seven Days

May 27, 2012 Language Learning Travel & Living Abroad 0


The Center for Southeast Asian Studies at Northern Illinois University (NIU) maintains an excellent language resource website.

One particular resource – Belajar Bahasa Indonesia Dalam Tujuh Hari (Learn Indonesian in Seven Days) – is very useful for beginners.  According to their website, “This page provides simple steps to learn Indonesian in a short time.  The page introduces you to basic conversation in Indonesian, simple sentences, greetings, numbers, how to ask questions, etc.  Each words or sentences have explanation on the pronunciation and you can also learn how to say each word or sentence by clicking the audio button.  This page also has a link to the electronic dictionary so you can look up at the meaning of each word easily.”

For more language-related resources, check out NIU’s online guide: