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Foreign Embassies & Consulates in Jakarta, Indonesia

Some general advice for foreigners in Indonesia or those planning to travel to the country is listed below along with directory information for various embassies and consulates in Jakarta: ADVICE –  Some embassies and consulates require that you make an appointment before visiting their offices. IT IS ADVISABLE TO REGISTER YOUR PRESENCE WITH YOUR COUNTRY’S…
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Resources for Expatriates

This list of websites is aimed at supporting expatriates (“expats” for short) and their transition to Indonesia or their present circumstances.  Some of the sites provide general information about living abroad, while others are specific to Asia or Indonesia. * Allo’ Expat: http://www.AlloExpat.com * American Women’s Association of Indonesia: http://www.expat.or.id/orgs/awa.html * AsiaXPAT: http://www.asiaxpat.com * Asia…
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