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Online & Print News Sources in Indonesia

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A starter list of online and print news sources in Indonesia is below. The majority of the sources are in Bahasa Indonesia. A few sources like Inside Indonesia and The Jakarta Post are in English and quite popular with foreigners. 

Various Links to Online and Print Publications:

Antara News:

Bali Post:

Banjarmasin Post:

Bisnis Indonesia:

Bola Sports News:




Indonesia Headlines:

Inside Indonesia:

Intisari Magazine:

Jawa Pos:

Kompas Cybermedia:

Koran Tempo:

Majalah Kedokteran Indonesia:

Media Indonesia:

Pikiran Rakyat:


Serambi News:

Sinar Harapan:

Suara Pembaruan:

Sumbawa News:

The Jakarta Post:

Tempo Interactive: