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Need info on Indonesian history?

June 9, 2011 Research Resources 0


Do you need information on the history of Indonesia?  Are you looking for historical maps in particular?  Check out Dr. Robert Cribb’s Digital Atlas of Indonesian History at .  According to the website,

“This work is based on the author’s landmark Historical Atlas of Indonesia (published in 2000) but has been expanded and updated with over 150 new maps, a new chapter, and other revisions and corrections. The result is a wide-ranging reference work for Indonesian history, consisting of a concise history of the archipelago in six chapters and a collection of nearly 500 maps saved in different formats suitable for use in classroom teaching (e.g. using Powerpoint) and for royalty-free reproduction by scholars in their own publications. In addition, the atlas offers reproductions of some historical maps, links to a wide range of other archival material and a printed user guide.”

Readers should know that there are some differences between the website and the DVD, which is available for purchase:

“Please note that there are differences between the atlas DVD and this companion website. The most important of these are:

– The DVD is delivered as a finished work whereas over time the website will be updated with new material.

– Launching the DVD is all that is required to access all of its features whereas access to the secure, fully featured section of the website first requires registration and then login (as well as access to the Internet, of course).

– A Google custom search can be made of thise [sic] website but not of the DVD.

Otherwise, the contents of the DVD and website should be exactly the same.”

If you would like to know more about Dr. Robert Cribb, you can read a brief bio at or at .