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Need background info about Indonesian leaders?

May 31, 2011 Data Research Resources 0

Do you need background information about leaders in Indonesia?  Looking for data about politicians, public officials, entrepreneurs, experts, or celebrities?  

Tokoh Indonesia might be what you need.  It is an online website that provides biographical profiles of popular Indonesian leaders from the past and present.

Tokoh Indonesia can be found at .

The website is basically an online encyclopedia and has been around since 2002.  The site is in Indonesian, but with the Google Translate tool, you can have it translated into multiple languages if needed (though the translations are imperfect).  A typical profile includes information about a leader’s education, employment, family, social activities, awards or honors, and opinions.  To locate a particular profile, you will need to search via the person’s first name in the alphabetical directory or type the full name in the quick search box.

In its early days, Tokoh Indonesia consisted of mostly profiles of men, but over the years the number of profiles of women leaders has significantly increased.

As with all resources, it is useful to cross-check the information you read on Tokoh Indonesia with information found on additional websites and in books or print articles for accuracy, completeness, and quality.