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If you are interested in keeping up-to-date with Indonesian Studies and Indonesian news, subscribe to one or or more of the mailing lists below.


* Antara Kita: Indonesia and East Timor Studies Committee: Antara Kita is part of the Association for Asian Studies. You may subscribe to their listserv by visiting .


* Asian Currents: Asian Currents is published, since 23 March 2004, by the Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA), thanks to a grant from The Myer Foundation made to assist the ASAA promote the study of Asia in Australia. It is edited by the ASAA’s promotions agents, Francesca Beddie ( and Peter Rodgers ( Asian Currents aims to connect Australia’s academic experts on Asia with journalists, policy makers, business people, artists and other educators. By telling you what is happening in the research world, we hope you will be able to make better use of the wealth of knowledge available and that you will recognize the importance of fostering Australia’s Asia knowledge. To subscribe, visit for more information.


* The Asian Studies WWW Monitor: The Asian Studies WWW Monitor was established on 21 April 1994. The journal, a pioneering and the only publication of this kind in the world, provides virtually daily abstracts and reviews of new/updated online resources of significance to research, teaching and communications dealing with Asian Studies. It is published by the Internet Publications Bureau, RSPAS, ANU College of Asia and the Pacific. The periodical forms a key element of the global, cooperative project Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library. For further details see a page About the Asian Studies WWW Monitor. The journal is complemented by its sister publication Pacific Studies WWW Monitor which was established in April 2000. Daily contents summaries and evaluations published in the web edition of the Journal are disseminated also on the network via a mailing list. To join this free service (a) send e-mail to: (b) message: subscribe asia-www-monitor your-email-address or (c) go to and type in your email address.


* East-West Center: See . The East-West Wire is a news, commentary, and analysis service provided by the East-West Center in Honolulu. Any part or all of the Wire content may be used by media with attribution to the East-West Center or the person quoted. To receive the East-West Center Wire, please email EastWestWire@


* Facebook: Go to and type in the keyword “Indonesia” to locate special groups (e.g., Indonesian-Studies, Ph.D. Candidates in Indonesian Studies). These groups post announcements of various kinds as well as have discussion threads.


* H-ASIA Discussion Network: The primary purpose of H-ASIA is to enable historians and other Asia scholars to easily communicate current research and teaching interests; to discuss new articles, books, papers, approaches, methods and tools of analysis; to test new ideas and share comments and tips on teaching. H-Asia is especially committed to discussing region wide, comparative and professional issues important to scholars of Asia.


* H-Net Discussion Networks: H-Net’s e-mail lists function as electronic networks, linking professors, teachers and students in an egalitarian exchange of ideas and materials. Every aspect of academic life–research, teaching, controversies new and old–is open for discussion; decorum is maintained by H-Net’s dedicated editors. Click on specific links to learn more about joining certain groups.


* H-SEASIA Discussion Network: H-SEASIA is a member of H-Net Humanities & Social Sciences OnLine. H-SEASIA is a forum for discussion and communications regarding the history and study of Southeast Asia.


* I-Discussion: This mailing list includes articles, commentaries, etc. about Indonesia. It’s great for political scientists. Only the moderator may post to the whole list, though (i.e., send materials to the moderator first and then he will send it out on your behalf). Email Professor Aspinall at if you would like to be added to the list. Note: This is not a public list, so you must obtain permission from authors to use their work.


* The Indonesia Council: The Indonesia Council is a regional grouping within the Asian Studies Association of Australia (ASAA). The Council circulates a monthly digest advertising conferences, publishing and job opportunities, new books etc. The back issues of the Indonesia Council Digest are now available on the Indonesia Council website at Although some of the content goes out of date very quickly, you may find them useful for lists of recently-published books or information about various Indonesia Council activities. As we rely on the goodwill of a wonderful woman in RSPAS to look after our website, new digests will be posted in 3 month batches (more or less). If you would like to receive the email version of the digest on a monthly basis, please contact Michele Ford at You can also contact Michele if you have content you would like carried in the Digest. As the Indonesia Council does not have a separate fee structure, we urge those of you who find this bulletin useful or who attend the Indonesia Council’s free biennial conference to become financial members of the ASAA.


* Indonesian-Studies Yahoo Group: This list covers Indonesian studies throughout the world. Membership is open. You are encouraged to invite others to join. The main list languages are English and Indonesian. The list archives are public. Only the moderator may post to the whole list, though. Go to (You will need a Yahoo account, but these are free.)


* INFID: INFID stands for the International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development, was established in June 1985, under the name of INGI (Inter-NGO Conference on IGGI Matters) based on the initiative of several Indonesian NGOs and their partners in the Netherlands. INFID is an open and pluralistic network of NGOs from Indonesia and various member countries of the Consultative Group for Indonesia as well as of international organizations and individuals with an interest in and commitment to Indonesia. To subscribe to their newsletter, go to and click on the link at the top, which will take you to a registration form.


* Joyo Indonesia News Service: Joyo Indonesia News Service was started in July 1996, at a time when the Indonesian media was tightly censored and news critical of the government was banned. The service used e-mail to pierce the government’s censorship blockade and distribute news to thousands of activists and Indonesia-watchers inside the country and around the world. Many of the items sent by Joyo were translated into bahasa and widely circulated among students, activists, academics, journalists, business executives, diplomats, and others. The service has operated on a virtually uninterrupted 7/24/365 basis and thousands of articles, transcripts, op-ed pieces, reports, studies and other information about Indonesia have been sent out. In recent years, coverage has been expanded to include daily bundles on business/economy, as well as regional and international affairs. Email for more information and to subscribe.


* Monash Asia Institute Bulletin: The Monash Asia Institute mailing list sends monthly newsletters about the activities of the Monash Asia Institute, its Centres, and other news promoting Asian Studies in Melbourne and Australia. Contact or go to and fill out the electronic form.


* The Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies (KITLV): This institute started a KITLV_NEWS alert service to inform the members of the Learned Society and users of the institute of current activities and developments. Subscribers receive a monthly email message with up-to-date information about the library, books recently published, new acquisitions, and other activities of the Learned Society and the institute. You are invited to subscribe to this free alert service through Surfnet. Just go to the following URL: Click on “Join or leave this list” and follow the instructions. Surfnet will ask you by email to confirm the subscription within 48 hours. If you encounter any problems subscribing, please send an email to: and they will take care of your subscription. The contact person there is Dr. Fridus Steijlen (tel: 31 71 5272639).


* Southeast Asia Yahoo Group: This group is open to anyone interested in news, ideas, photos and information related to events in, and the study of the peoples, histories, languages, polities, arts and cultures of Southeast Asia, broadly defined, and individual communities therein. They may be anyone working or studying in a tertiary institution, secondary school teachers and students, professionals in government bodies and private companies, freelance writers and artists, regular tourists or others who have more than casual engagement with or interest in the events and people in any individual country of Southeast Asia. Initially developing from a small group of academics based in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), the group has attracted the majority of its members from across the globe. Members are invited to submit their posts or comments on those posted by others. While some space will be provided for messages and images on individual countries in the region, postings on events and issues that cross the border of the nation-states in the region, or that are of significance to more than one single country in the region are preferred. Postings in languages of the region can be accepted only if the sender provides a brief summary of, or introduction to, the content in English. Postings that promote commercial products will not be accepted, unless they carry information of special interest to the primary concerns of this group. Contact the moderator for more information and to sign up: Dr. Ariel Heryanto (


* Timor-Leste Studies List: More news, documentation, and scholarly papers than any Timor list. Focused directly on Timor-Leste itself. Messages in English, Portuguese, Indonesian and Tetun. Send your own news, write your own column. Independent of any organization. Independent evaluation of sources. Free, no donations ever sought. To join: Go to and hit ‘Join This Group’ (best method, access to extra list web features — you can also preview messages there) OR send an empty email to (easiest method, you get only emails, no automatic access to web features).


* University of California – Los Angeles Center for Southeast Asian Studies eNewsletter: The Center for Southeast Asian Studies maintains an electronic mailing list whose purpose is to inform people of relevant events and news, primarily those sponsored by the Center, but occasionally by other UCLA entities as well. To subscribe, provide your details at .


* Watch Indonesia!: Their mailing list gives background information, press releases, and analyses to the political, social and economic situation in Indonesia and East Timor on a regular basis. The mailing list is available in German and English. If you want to be put on the mailing list please send an e-mail to, a fax, or give us a phone call with your e-mail adress: Tel./Fax: 49-30-698-179-38. The homepage is located at