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Legal Studies Opportunities: International Research Centers and Departments

September 18, 2015 Research Resources 0

Legal Studies Opportunities: International Research Centers and Departments

Focus: Asian and Southeast Asian Studies

Compiled by: Stephanie Razo

Directed Individual Study, Fall 2015

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

For individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in the legal field or are simply interested in researching the legal aspects of Asian and Southeast Asian Studies, there are various universities and institutions around the world with knowledgeable instructors. The universities and institutions are composed of scholars and law professors who have obtained a Juris Doctors Degree of a Master of Laws Degree from an accredited law school. Furthermore, other researchers with a Doctoral or Masters degree assist with instructing and conducting research.

A great opportunity that many law schools and legal institutions offer is a dual degree program where one can pursue a Juris Doctor or law degree while at the same time pursuing another degree at a graduate level. This allows students to study the legal aspects of Asian Studies while being able to conduct research on a particular phenomenon at the same time.

Along with dual degrees, many legal centers and law schools can provide students with the opportunity to study abroad or complete externships with firms or companies overseas. The study abroad programs allow students who study in a country other than an Asian country to study at a legal center in Asia to fully understand the cultural and legal studies in that particular area. Similarly, an externship permits students to work with law firms and legal companies in Asian countries to get a glimpse of how the legal system works. These study abroad and externship programs provide students with the hands-on experience that they may not get while studying international Asian legal studies at their home university.

Similar to research institutions, many of the law schools and legal centers offer funds for those who are interested in conducting research or studying abroad. These schools of law offer grants and scholarship funds for students and researchers on a yearly basis. In order to apply for these funds, the student will have to complete an application where they are required to present a research proposal. The research that students conduct can bring new innovations that can be shared with peers and scholars through publications in law reviews or law journals.

The following list provides the names and links to some of the universities and institutions that have a program in Asian and Southeast Asian legal studies.


  • Griffith University- Institute for Ethics, Governance, and Law


  • China University of Political Science and Law- China EU School of Law

  • University of Hong Kong Faculty of Law


  • The University of Indonesia- Faculty of Law

  • Trisakti University


  • National University of Singapore- Centre for Asian Legal Studies


  • The University of the South Pacific School of Law


  • Columbia Law School- Asian Legal Studies

  • New York University School of Law- International Legal Studies

  • University of Hawaii at Manoa, William S. Richardson School of Law- Pacific Asian Legal Studies

  • University of Michigan School of Law

  • University of Wisconsin Law School- East Asian legal Studies Center