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International Research Centers and Departments

Research Institutions and Opportunities for Asian Studies and Southeast Asian Studies Compiled by: Stephanie Razo Directed Individual Study, Fall 2015 Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi There is an entire world full of opportunities for those who are interested in Asian and Southeast Asian Studies. Whether one is interested in learning about a particular country in Asia or…
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Southeast Asian Studies: Scholars and Researchers

Southeast Asian Studies: Scholars and Researchers Compiled by: Camila Costadoni Directed Individual Study, Spring 2015 Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi The following list is a compilation of various scholars of Southeast Asian Studies who are located in different countries. These scholars address a range of topics in their research such as gender, sexuality, religious identity, political…
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Scholars & Associations

Do you need to get in touch with like-minded folks? Maybe you want to build a professional network?  Perhaps you are interested in adding to your existing network? We hope the following list of resources will contribute to a multitude of local and global connections. == ASSOCIATIONS == ASIANetwork: Asian Australian Studies Research Network (AASRN):…
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  Social networking has always been important for professional and personal development, but today there is often a need (and interest) to utilize technology in the process. Previous posts on Indonesia Inquiry provide a number of resources via the category “Professional Networking” to locate other professionals who work on and/or in Asia, especially Indonesia. Reaching more…
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Conducting Fieldwork in Indonesia – Part III

  This post adds to the advice provided in two previous blog posts: Conducting Fieldwork in Indonesia – Part I Conducting Fieldwork in Indonesia – Part II     == Business Cards / Name Cards == Business cards/name cards can be purchased in Indonesia.  Quality and cost vary.  Double-sided cards are recommended (front side with…
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Publishing Advice

  On 30 June 2008, the ASAA Postgraduate Workshop’s guest speaker, Dr. Michele Ford (University of Sydney) gave useful publishing advice to graduate students.  Here are some notes from that session: Strategy: Publish! There is pressure to finish the Ph.D. and publish. Both are time-consuming. Types/Different Genres: Monograph (book, which may be the dissertation or not), Journals…
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