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Wednesday November 26th 2014

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  • 6.8-magnitude quake in eastern Indonesia, no tsunami warning November 26, 2014
    A powerful undersea earthquake rocked eastern Indonesia on Wednesday, causing fresh panic in an area that has been hit by a series of strong tremors in recent days. No tsunami warning was issued and there were no reports of casualties or damage after the quake, which the US Geological Survey said had a magnitude of […]
  • Powerful earthquake hits off eastern Indonesia November 26, 2014
    JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — A powerful earthquake struck off the coast of eastern Indonesia late Wednesday, prompting villagers to flee to higher ground, but officials said a tsunami was unlikely.
  • Indonesia Construction Chemicals Market to Grow at Over 13% Through 2019, Says TechSci Research November 26, 2014
    According to the recently published report by TechSci Research, "Indonesia Construction Chemicals Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2019", the construction chemicals market in Indonesia is projected to grow at 13.6% over the next five years. Increasing investments in the construction industry is the major factor for growth in the country's construction chemicals market. The geographical location […]
  • Powerful earthquake strikes off northern Indonesia November 26, 2014
    A powerful earthquake has struck off the coast of northern Indonesia, but officials say a tsunami is unlikely.



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Words of Wisdom

Peace begins with a smile.
- Mother Teresa

Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.
- Dalai Lama

Strive always to excel in virtue and truth.
- Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)


Bibliography: Current Events for Political Participation

Compiled by Regina Salinas (November 15, 2014) Indonesian Elections Kapoor, Kanupriya. Reuters. 2014. “Indonesian President Yudhoyono Backs Direct Election of District Leaders.” September 15. [Read More]

Travel & Living Abroad

Social Life in Jakarta & Beyond

What is there to do in Jakarta and elsewhere? Where can I go to be entertained, get fit, or make new friends? Read the following tips for answers to these questions, and please feel free to make corrections or add suggestions in the [Read More]

Film Lovers

For the film lovers out there, here are some resources to get you started for all things related to Indonesia and film.  Feel free to add suggestions in the comments box below. Thank you / terima kasih! Background for cinema in Indonesia: [Read More]

Candi & Pura (Temples) in Indonesia

Buddhism and Hinduism have had long histories in Indonesia.  In Bahasa Indonesia, “candi” refers to ancient Hindu and/or Buddhist temples.  The term can also be applied to non-religious structures dated from the same [Read More]

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  • VIDEO: Polio workers killed in Pakistan November 26, 2014
    Authorities in Balochistan, Pakistan, have suspended a campaign against polio after four workers were shot dead by unidentified gunmen in the city of Quetta.
  • Beijing shop 'bans Chinese people' November 26, 2014
    A clothes shop in the Chinese capital is embroiled in a racism row after banning locals from entering.
  • Kashmir profile November 26, 2014
    An overview of the former princely state of Kashmir, which has been partitioned between India and Pakistan since 1947.
  • Gunmen kill Pakistan polio workers November 26, 2014
    Four polio vaccination workers are shot dead and three injured in the south-west Pakistani city of Quetta.
  • HK policemen arrested over beating November 26, 2014
    Seven Hong Kong policemen are arrested in connection with the beating of a pro-democracy protester in October.


Bahasa Indonesia – The National Language of Indonesia

Here are resources related to the history and contemporary uses of Bahasa Indonesia. If you have additional recommendations or corrections, please let us know in the comments section below. Thank you / terima kasih! Links from around the Web [Read More]

YouTube Highlights from Indonesia

On the importance of shoes

Here are some quick background notes for this YouTube highlight: Title – “A Unique Approach to Rehab in Indonesia: Junkie Shoes” Location – Bogor, Indonesia YouTube Description - Published on Dec 7, 2012 “We traveled to [Read More]

Indonesian Idol

Indonesian Idol is a televised singing competition. It is part of the Idol franchise started by Simon Fuller in the United Kingdom. Since its beginning in 2004, Indonesian Idol has been one of the most popular programs in the country. Indonesian [Read More]

Pencak Silat

Pencak silat is a form of martial arts from/in Indonesia.  More information can be found at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pencak_Silat . The following video from YouTube was uploaded in 2007 and shows the Indonesian national pencak silat demoteam at [Read More]

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Indonesian Proverbs (Wikiquote)

- Embarrassed to ask will result in getting lost.
- Meaning: Asking questions is the only way to learn.

- No matter how sharp a knife is, a tongue is sharper.
- Meaning: Be careful of what you say.

- Heaven is on the bottom of mother's foot.
- Meaning: A person who loves/cares about their mother is doing the best deed.
* This is also a reference to the saying of Prophet Mohammad of the same meaning.

- Whoever sows the wind reaps the storm.
- Meaning: Your actions all have consequences.